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Treating Travelers' Right

The Travelers' Sanctuary Offers Investment Opportunities in Sioux Falls, SD

What if you could reinvent the travel stop? That is precisely what The Travelers Sanctuary intends to do through our investment opportunities in Sioux Falls, SD, and the surrounding areas. In addition to making travel stops more comfortable, accessible, and useful to travelers, we plan to hire individuals who may need help turning their lives around.  We also provide a place for staff to live while they are engaged in meaningful work serving travelers.

 “Those who have been forgiven much love much” - Jesus

 Imagine after a hard day fighting the wind, rain, snow, and sleet you pull your truck into the Travelers Sanctuary and hand your rig over to a CDL-certified valet.  Your valet handles any services you order performed including scaling, refueling, washing, tire checking, and any mechanical servicing your vehicle may need. Your valet gets your vehicle safely parked into your spot after all the servicing has been completed and lets you know your truck is ready.

 While your truck is being serviced, you have the opportunity to rest, eat, socialize, or take care of any errands you need to handle before getting back on the road. Our sanctuary is more than a simple truck stop – it’s more of a retreat for your mind, body, and soul. Through an array of activities and entertainment, we promote fellowship with fellow travelers and help you get the most beneficial rest possible during your trip. By taking advantage of our lodging investment, you can help make luxury travel stops a common feature of the Midwest.

 How to Make this Dream a Reality

Like any large undertaking, our dream for a network of wholesome, comfortable travel stops needs support. By making a traveling stop investment in our company, you can take advantage of our locations for several years and take pride in being part of the very beginning of what is sure to be a successful venture.

 To become a member of our team, you may invest at several different levels. For greater investments, your name will be attached to a Travelers Sanctuary location, and your investment will be returned to you twofold within seven years.

 For investors looking for a smaller commitment, we offer investment opportunities for just $77.77. As a founding member, you’ll receive free use of any location’s fitness equipment, showers, and more until January 1, 2029. Reach out to our team to learn more about investing or to make recommendations for our locations.

 Contact us to discuss investment opportunities with our team. We are proudly based in the Sioux Falls, South Dakota, area.

Rethinking the Truck Stop
Investment Opportunities
Investment Opportunities
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