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Treating Travelers' Right

The Travelers' Sanctuary Offers Investment Opportunities in Sioux Falls, SD

Reinventing the travel stop.  We plan to hire those who got off on a road that they were never intended to be on.  Those who have been forgiven much love much - Jesus.  We plan on providing truck stop places for staff to live, while they are engaged in meaningful work serving travelers.

 Our staff who serves our guests, is inspirational.

 Imagine after a hard day fighting the wind, rain, snow, and sleet pulling into the Travelers' Sanctuary in Sioux Falls, SD,  and having a CDL valet waiting for you.  Your valet will get any services you order performed. Scale, refueling, truck wash, tires, or any mechanical servicing your vehicle may need. Your valet will get your vehicle backed into your spot, after all the servicing has been completed, and let you know your truck is ready.

 Guests and members will experience more of a retreat like experience, where mind, body, and soul will be nourished, through an array of activities, and entertainment, that promotes fellowship with travelers, and staff.  We want the Travelers' Sanctuary to be an investment opportunity destination of choice for your 34 hour reset.

Rethinking the Truck Stop
Investment Opportunities
Investment Opportunities
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